Every member of the Waugh Dane Insurance team is a chartered insurance professional with a minimum of 15 years experience. As a broker, Independent from insurance companies, we shop around for the best coverage and price to meet your specific needs. And we’re here to help with quality service should you have a claim. For over 25 years, we’ve been actively protecting our clients’ interests.
On the commercial side, we deliver business insurance in a wide range of industries – from construction to jewellery design. Every clients’ needs are unique; let’s talk about yours.

At Waugh Dane Insurance, we’re small enough to know you and deliver personalized service, yet we offer the products of Canada’s major insurance companies – fully licensed and regulated to ensure fairness in the event of a claim.

…. These are the companies that make our short list:

  • The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company
  • The Economical Mutual Insurance Group
  • Economical Select
  • Unica Fire Insurance Company
  • The Great American Insurance Companies
  • Perth Insurance Company
  • The Nordic Insurance Company of Canada
  • Jevco Insurance Company
  • The Guarantee Company of North America
  • Premier Marine Insurance Company